The general principle of fans operation is that they yield to the environment where they operate some of the energy used for training.

What is fascinating in the construction of industrial fans is that the same effect on the operating environment can be obtained with several types of fans, depending on their construction parameters: propeller size, number of blades, blade inclination, speed and power of the drive motor, etc. The characteristics of the moving fluid, be it air or liquid, its temperature, the impurities it contains and the ambient temperature are not to be neglected either. A special parameter in establishing constructive reaction of the moving fluid. At the same time, the parameters of the space where the air movement equipment is to be installed represent critical requirements of the industrial air movement project. ventilatie industriala.

Corroborating all these variables, several constructive fan solutions can result from the design calculations. Therefore, the decision on the configuration of the final product is taken together with the beneficiary. This is why we look at all business relationships in terms of partnership principles. Starting from here, VENTILATORUL 1932, as a designer and manufacturer, always proposes the most efficient solutions, fully adapted to the specific requirements of the project, in an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

The products of VENTILATORUL 1932 S.A are found in most production facilities of the equipment and heavy machinery industry in Romania, but also abroad, being used in metallurgical plants, coking plants, rolling mills, forges and other sections that work continuously in cement factories, in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, in power plants and energy complexes, in agriculture and fish farming, etc., being used as technological equipment for pneumatic transport, evacuation of flue gases at high temperatures, toxic substances, mechanical impurities and so on. a impuritatilor mecanice s.a.