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VENTILATORUL 1932 was founded under the name “SAVEB” and had as main field of activity the research and manufacture of propellers for aircraft engines.

A few years later, in 1941, the Romanian Aeronautical Construction Company (ICAR) is impressed by the amazing results and the professionalism with which SAVEB approaches the works and decides to buy the factory, together with its land. Thus, SAVEB reach with ICAR a new stage of development and is perfecting in the production of airplanes and the provision of maintenance services in the aeronautical field..

Following the Paris Peace Treaty of 1947, Romania was banned from owning an aircraft manufacturing industry. It was the time when the production of blades for aircraft propellers was shifted to the production of propellers for industrial fans. SAVEB received the name of “INTREPRINDEREA DE VENTILATOARE Bucuresti” and specialized in the design and manufacture of fans, through which it made an essential contribution to the development of the entire Romanian industry, which is on the rise.

With the passing of the centuries, the production of industrial fans was adapted to new requirements dictated by times trends, and the company decided to manufacture only short series or unique parts, based on order, maintaining the quality and professionalism that still gave it notoriety since its establishment.

The factory was bought in 2005, received the name of “Compania de Ventilatoare” and kept the tradition of making industrial fans on the Romanian market, but also abroad and coped with competition.

A new shareholding change took place in 2019, “Compania de Ventilatoare SA” becomes “VENTILATORUL 1932 SA” and imposes itself on the industrial market with a new business vision, adapted to the present times, focused on responsibility, performance, research and innovation. Thus, we provide innovative solutions for the air in the industrial flows or in the work spaces to meet the optimal parameters necessary for the productivity and success of the businesses served.

The ample tradition of almost nine decades, graved by the tendencies of each period, offers us direction, security and an objective look at the future.


Our mission is to ensure quality air for a quality life, efficient production processes and successful business. We contribute to increasing the performance of national economic activity and create prosperity in Romania, by offering products and services of the highest quality to our existing and potential beneficiaries. 

About us

VENTILATORUL is a European company, driven by the principles of performance and quality, motivated by responsibility for customers, fully integrated into the green world we all want for ourselves, our partners, the people around us and for all those who values quality of life, their health and safety, the team they belong to or their business. 


Danut Terinte


Daniel Ilie

Technical Director

Veronica Badea 
Assistant Manager
Carmen Zamfir 
Marketing and Sales
Mihai Budileanu 
Technical Consoultant
Marian Capitaneanu
Research and Design

Social responsibility

The success of the company is built, day by day, through the individual and collective effort of its people. The company performance is ensured by the positive attitude and openness to the new of all those for whom the originality and innovation quickly represent professional and personal identity. 

VENTILATORUL 1932 is a company responsible for the community and the environment. The principles of the activity start from the respect for the people around us and the care for nature. We recycle responsibly, minimize the impact on the environment and protect life. 

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