V36 - Pressure fans with medium flows and medium and high pressures

The V36 fans family is designed for air movement with low dust content, less than 10mg / m3, smoke and neutral gases. The fans are executed in direct actuation D (the fan propeller is directly coupled on the motor shaft) for air movement with the temperature up to 75ºC within the limits allowed by the requests of the shaft head of electric motors, or actuation by couplings C for heavy propellers (generally over diameters greater than Ø 630) or for temperatures higher than 75ºC. Also, they can be made of stainless steel for corrosive environments, as well as for the circulation of explosive media (gas groups 2A, 2B, 2C). Flow Q = 1500 ÷ 60000 m3 / h, pressure H = 180 ÷ 116 mmCA.