Other Products

VENTILATORUL 1932 performs a wide range of metal work and mechanical processing.

We offer products, subassemblies, spare parts and accessories for ventilation equipment and filter ventilation installations. Among them, propellers, propeller shafts, housings, flanges, valves and others.

We provide cutting work, cutting of thick sheets, joining by welding, sandblasting and painting and others.

Metal constructions

Very large fans, such as those working in metallurgy, energy complexes or cement plants, require metal casing constructions of exceptional size, equivalent to those of a two- or even three-story building, sometimes being taller than the hall building or than the main technological installation they serve.

The installation of such fans is usually done outside, near the building where the workspace is located. These conditions have led to the development of a secondary specialization in the design and manufacture of self-supporting structures to support fans, as well as the design and manufacture of their support structures, with all calculations of strength in construction in accordance with current standards, especially requests permanent dynamics.

At the same time, the VENTILATORUL1932 makes housings for all ranges of industrial fans and ensures the design and construction of various metal products, of any type or size and for any destination.

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Spare parts

For any industrial fan with components made of metal, but especially for those bearing VENTILATORUL 1932 brand, regardless of their year of manufacture, any spare parts can be reconditioned or made.

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Cyclones are equipment designed to separate, by centrifugal force, granular material particles dispersed in a gas, including air, by means of a transport fan. Depending on the purpose, the cyclone can work with the fan mounted on the intake circuit, or on the exhaust circuit.

The equipment is used to remove dust with coarse particles or solid particles in suspension, by centrifugation. The particles will be evacuated through the lower part of the cone by gravitational deposition, and the cleaned gases will leave the enclosure through the upper part. Depending on the characteristics of the gas-granule mixture to be purified, the cyclones can operate with fans mounted on the intake or exhaust route of the cyclones. They can be equipped with various types of industrial fans for air absorption with suspended dust granules. In this case, the equipment is made with V20T fan for heavy pneumatic transport. ventilator V20T pentru transport pneumatic greu.

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Steering devices

The control steering devices are used if, for various reasons required by the starting or operating conditions, it is necessary to adjust the industrial fan to a different operating mode than the basic one. They regulate the fan flow, so that the operating point moves on the characteristic curve, establishing other parameters of flow and pressure.

The steering devices are axial, they are also designed for the economic adjustment of the fan and they are mounted on the suction mouth of the industrial fan. They can be delivered with manual actuation or with servomotor, offering safety in operation, in the conditions of a mechanical work of reduced adjustment.

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