VENTILATORUL 1932 offers a wide range of technical consulting, design, maintenance, replacement of consumables and periodic overhauls.

One of the main services is the modernization of existing air movement equipment, own or made by third parties. Modernizations of high capacity air movement equipment are made by redesigning and, often, in the situation of products coming from third parties, by making more robust and reliable components fully adapted to the basic construction solution.

An extremely sought service is the balancing of the propellers. We provide dynamic balancing for a wide range of propellers, both by adding and removing material.

In the same time, we offer expertise services and measurements of dynamism and dynamic balancing at beneficiary. The fan does not need to be removed. It is performed in the working environment, on its operating position, under the usual operating conditions.

Proven increased reliability and hard work capacity, with a low defect rate, are the main arguments for which repairs and the purchase of spare parts for VENTILATORUL 1932 brand products are rarely necessary. In exceptional situations, where interventions are necessary to remedy defects outside the warranty period, VENTILATORUL 1932 provides original spare parts and ensures repairs in accordance with the execution documentation or by redesign.

VENTILATORUL 1932 provides specialized services:

  • technical consultancy in choosing the optimal air movement solution depending on the parameters requested by the client
  • technical consultancy in choosing the fan or the necessary, possible and optimal repairs or upgrades to the existing fan
  • technical assistance for assembly and commissioning
  • measurements and repairs during the warranty period
  • preventive maintenance activities